Angle Lake, Washington, Fishing

Angle Lake, Washington, Fishing
Though not a place to escape city life due to its proximity to SeaTac Airport, Angle Lake offers excellent trout fishing, making it one of the top three trout waters in the Seattle area, according to "Washington-Oregon Game And Fish Magazine." Besides trout, anglers can also target kokanee, largemouth, pumpkinseed, rock bass and yellow perch.

Rainbow Trout

Planters, as in freshly planted trout, often attract a crowd and that's no different here. Power Bait, worms and Power Eggs will work well here in the cooler months. The public fishing pier is a popular spot, but don't be surprised when a catchable trout runs seven inches. There are holdovers that manage to reach weights of 5 pounds.



Besides fishing with live worms--which will work for all the lake's species--largemouth bass can be taken on plastics such as grubs and finesse worms shaking on the bottom and around structures. The L-shaped lake offers shallow water for sight fishing.

Pumpkinseed and Perch

To have success on panfish such as pumpkinseed and yellow perch at Angle, rig up with light line, minijigs and small lead-head grubs tipped with cutbait-like worms. Bounce these plastics or simply put a small piece of worm on a bare hook and drop the offering into view of panfish.


Kokanee is another option at 102-acre Angle Lake. Troll a Kokanee Killer over the deeper spots for a shot at these land-locked salmon. The area in the middle of the wider arm of the lake offers the deepest water and the best bet for kokanee.


Catfish also call Angle home. They can't resist cutbaits such as worms, liver, shrimp or any other stinky bait like cheese or blood bait. Try squid as well. Catfish will find any smelly offering on or near the bottom.


Article Written By Brian La Rue

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