Fly Fishing Information for Naples, Florida

Fly Fishing Information for Naples, Florida
There may be more lakes, or more famous lakes, in other places in Florida, but fly fishing around Naples is excellent. You may fish year-round near Naples, regardless of the type of fishing you prefer.


One often thinks of deep sea fishing in southwest Florida, but fly fishing has been popular among locals for years. Fly fishing is most often done on freshwater lakes, but it can also be done in saltwater areas with success.


There are not a lot of lakes around Naples, and many of the lakes are private, so there are not as many opportunities. Local guides say do not overlook canals as places for quality fishing.


Guides are plentiful in the area. You may book a charter that will take you fishing for a half day or a full day. Most guides provide all the tackle you would need, but often you may use your own if you desire.


The Mosaic Fish Management Area, near Naples, is a newly opened area of lakes created over the years by phosphate mining. Fishing is by permit on a first-come, first-served basis. The area is listed among the top spots in the state by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.


Fly fishing for bass is year-round near Naples. The peak seasons are in the cooler months, and when fish are spawning in early Spring.


The Everglades are just a couple hours from Naples. This area is one of the best bass fishing, and fly fishing, areas in the nation.

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