Bicycle Safety in Portland

Bicycle Safety in Portland
Portland, Oregon, is a bicycling mecca, with a network of bike paths that connect the entire metropolis. Safety programs are offered by many groups, and safety is a key part of the city's ongoing efforts for bicyclists.

Helmet Law

The federal government does not make laws for bicyclists, leaving that to the states. Oregon law requires anyone under the age of 16 to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Helmet Use

Cycling organizations and health officials encourage all riders to wear helmets, not just those under 16. says 85 percent of serious cycling accident brain injuries could be prevented by wearing a helmet.

Safe Riding

Bicycles are considered vehicles, and have the same rights and responsibilities as automobiles. Cyclists must use hand signals when turning and must obey all traffic signs. At night cyclists must have a front and rear light. Safety officials encourage wearing bright clothing to be more visible.


The most common accident occurs when a car turns right without seeing a cyclist coming up from behind on the right. The Portland Department of Transportation says intersections are the most dangerous place for bicycle and automobile crashes.

Planning Ahead

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles has issued a pamphlet on bicycle safety, which can be obtained at any DMV office. It outlines precautions cyclists should take, as well as responsibilities on the road.

Fun Fact

Portland is ranked second in the world for being a bike-friendly city by the Virgin-Vacations website. Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, was number one.

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