Gouldian Finch Information

Gouldian Finch Information
The Gouldian Finch is named for John Gould, an English ornithologist. Though greatly sought after by bird enthusiasts, in the wild they are an endangered species.


Gouldian Finches are roughly 5 inches in length and come in three color variations: red-headed, black-headed and yellow-headed.


Native Habitat

These finches are native to tropical northern regions of Australia from Derby to the Gulf of Carpentaria. They are migratory birds that move south during the rainy season.


Gouldian Finches are very social and can be found in large flocks. However, they are also timid birds and tend not to go to heavily populated areas.


Grass seeds form a large part of the Gouldian Finch's diet, as do beetles, termites and spiders.


Gouldian Finches are endangered. A study from 2000 estimated that only 2,500 birds remained. Since they feed on grass seed, their food supply can diminish significantly if there were fires or heavy rainfall the previous season.


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