Buying a Used Kayak Tips

Buying a Used Kayak Tips
Purchasing a used whitewater kayak is an excellent way to save money and introduce yourself to the sport. There are some key factors to consider when purchasing a used kayak.

The Bottom

Make sure the bottom of the kayak is not cracked or split and that it has no deep gouges into the plastic.


Examine all the rivets, and make sure they are tight and that the sealing looks to be in good condition.


The handles are important if they are ever needed for a rescue. Make sure they are not damaged and are strong.


The kayak's seat must fit you correctly and hold you tightly in the boat.

Foot Rests

When seated in the kayak, your feet should touch the foot rests, with your legs bent. Make sure the foot rests can be adjusted so you are correctly seated.


Kayaks are designed for a defined weight range of the boater. Before purchasing a kayak, ensure that your body weight falls within the operational range of the boat.

Article Written By A. Lee Lang

With a graduate education in both science and business, A. Lee Lang has been involved with search and rescue for nearly 20 years. Additionally, he has experience with the emergency services field and has recently been appointed as the SAR Editor for "Technical Rescue Magazine."

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