Charleston Fishing Information

Charleston Fishing Information
Charleston, South Carolina, is a great place for many kinds of fishing. As a coastal southern city, there is some type of fishing available year-round, whether it be in fresh water, an inland marsh, or out on the ocean.


Three basic types of fishing can be found in Charleston. There is freshwater fishing on streams and lakes, and of course ocean fishing. There is also the marshland areas that are a combination of fresh and salt water, which creates a third ecosystem.



Redfish are perhaps the most popular fish to go after, and they can be caught year-round. Many fishing charters go specifically after redfish. This fish is also called red drum, puppy drum, channel bass or spot-tail bass. Mackerel are also a very popular fish, from June though October.


It is possible to fish on your own, even from the beach. However, there are many charters available, that will help you find fish and supply all your tackle needs for any kind of fishing.


Natural cycles are very important, especially in coastal areas. High and low tide, as well as stages of the moon, have a great impact on fishing in this area. Those two factors, along with seasons and ocean currents and temerpature, are also big influences.

Fun Fact

The jack crevalle fish shows up around Charleston in June. Some of the biggest are found there, as the current world record jack fish was caught off Charleston's coast.


Saltwater fishing licenses are required. Year-round licenses, as well as short term 14-day licenses, are available for residents of South Carolina, and non-residents.


Article Written By James Jordan

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