Free Fishing Day in Michigan

Free Fishing Day in Michigan
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources puts on two free fishing weekends each year. This is to encourage people to start fishing and to encourage people who enjoy fishing to get together and enjoy fishing. All other regulations are still in force.

Time Frame

The winter free fishing weekend is in February each year. The weekend is considered all day Saturday and Sunday, and many people are ice fishing at this time.

Time Frame

The summer free fishing weekend in Michigan is held in June each year. For those two days, a Saturday and Sunday, no license is required.


The free weekend applies to residents of Michigan, as well as non-residents. During the rest of the year, non-residents must purchase a temporary fishing license. All limits on size of fish and number of fish that may be taken still apply during the free weekend. All rules for all bodies of water remain in effect.

Fun Fact

Many fishing clubs, local chambers of commerce and towns offer special clinics-- often free--during the free fishing days to encourage more involvement. The clinics are often aimed at youth, but some are held for all ages.


The free weekend is designed to encourage young people to take up fishing. There is not as much access to fishing as there once was, and it is not as common as it once was among youth, so state officials hope this will encourage them to give it a try.


The free days of fishing have become a tradition in some circles. It is a time for friends and family to gather and enjoy some time together, as well as to fish.

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