Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor?

Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor?
Heart rate monitors are useful training tools for anyone engaged in a competitive sport that involves strong cardiovascular conditioning. Simply put, having a heart rate monitor means having objective data that can be monitored and analyzed, putting a training program on a more scientific footing.


Heart rate monitors are usually very small devices, about the size of a wristwatch, that track the pulse of the wearer in real time. Some store heart rate data, make estimates of calories burned, and might even provide GPS information.


Before the heart rate monitor, the only way for an athlete to track his heart rate was to do it himself, either at his wrist or neck. This method is awkward and imprecise.


Checking a heart rate aids in cardiovascular conditioning. If an athlete is aware that his heart rate is slowing, it means he has either improved his conditioning and can take his training up a notch, or he is not working as hard as he needs to and should pick up the pace.

Wrist Model

A common heart monitor wraps around the wrist and both monitors a heart rate and serves as a watch. These types collect data from direct contact with the pulse point running through the wrist.

Chest Model

The chest model is strapped around the chest and under the shirt, since a heart rate monitor needs direct contact with the skin to work.


Athletes who can make good use of heart rate monitors include runners, racing cyclists, mountain bikers, boxers, basketball players and soccer players.

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