Bicycle Back Pain

Bicycle Back Pain
Many bicyclists experience back pain at some point in their riding careers. The cycling position does often put pressure on the back, especially if the bike is not properly adjusted to the rider.


The earliest bicycles placed the rider in an upright position. Racing bikes of today (both road and mountain) have the rider in an aerodynamic forward lean--much more so for road cyclists.

Effects of Position

The effects of a very upright position in cycling can be lower back and buttocks pain from the pressure of having all the cyclist's weight on the sit bones and lower back. The forward posture better disperses the rider's weight but can lead to neck and back pain from the more forward stretched posture.

Pain and Performance

If a rider's back is hurting, she can't perform as well or enjoy the ride. Proper positioning is key to alleviating back pain where no outside issues are present.

Pain Prevention

Think of the body as a bouncy spring. Do not tense up. Ride bending forward from the hips, but keep a gentle roundness in your back to absorb the bumps of the road. Do not lock your arms; keep them loose to absorb road shock. Bent, supple arms will also give you better control of the bike.

Customizing Your Bike

Get your bike personally fitted to your body at a professional bike shop. The expense and time will be well worth the comfort and increased performance you will experience.

Article Written By Tanya Wyr

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