About Pocket Knives

About Pocket Knives
Pocket knives are a ubiquitous tool that has been around since ancient times. Since knives are one of the most basic and flexible tools around, and pocket knives are so easily carried, no outdoorsman should be without one.

Folding Knives

A folding knife is a knife that mounts its blade on a hinge, allowing the blade to be pivoted down into a slot in the handle for easy storage. However, by definition a pocket knife must be small enough to conveniently fit inside a pocket, so not all folding knives are pocket knives.


Artifacts show that pocket knives have been in use since at least Ancient Roman.


A basic, light-duty pocket knife will most likely be a slipjoint knife, meaning there is no locking mechanism, or only a weak spring-mounted one.


Heavy-duty pocket knives usually have a lockback mechanism, such as a catch, which fixes the blade in place and must be released separately to fold the blade back into the handle. The popular buck knife design is an example.


While many pocket knives have more than one blade, a multi-tool knife will include tools other than blades. The Swiss Army Knife is the most famous example.


The switchblade is a form of pocket knife that uses a spring-loaded mechanism to deploy the blade at the push of a button. This kind of pocket knife is usually illegal to own or carry.

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