Weiss Lake Alabama Bass Fishing Information

Weiss Lake Alabama Bass Fishing Information
Weiss Lake covers 30,000 acres in northern Alabama and Georgia. The lake has 37 marinas, and four public access areas. It is known as the Crappie capital of the world, but bass fishing is great here too. Many motels and campgrounds surround the lake.


People from out of state, over the age of 16, must get a temporary fishing license. Alabamans of any age may fish in their county of residence without a license.


There is no season as such for bass, but the best months for this type of fish are February to May and in October and November. Crank and Spinner baits, as well as plastic worms, work best for bass at Weiss Lake.


You may possess up to 30 bass per day on Weiss Lake, of any size. That is 30 total bass, regardless of type of bass. It is illegal to transport more than a day's limit across state lines.

Better bass

Lake officials say Lake Weiss is one of the best bass lakes in the state. Bass are consistently in the 15 to 18 inch range, and weigh three to seven pounds. A few bass of over 25 pounds have been caught at the lake.

Power help

The Alabama Power Company, which owns the lake, helped boost the population of fish by providing artificial structures that fish like to use for living space. At Alabamapower.com/lakes/fishdata.asp, the company provides GPS coordinates to those places to help you find fish.


While fishing is available to everyone every day, there are special events for those who are competitive. There are about 20 tournaments spread from late March into October at Lake Weiss. Tournament information may be found at lakeweiss.info/Fishing.asp.

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