Texas Bicycle Safety

Texas Bicycle Safety
Texas bicycle safety laws not only apply to human-powered bikes but also to electric bicycles and motorized scooters. All laws that apply to someone driving a motor vehicle apply to people on two-wheeled bikes.

Signs and Lights

Anyone riding a bike must observe all stop signs, stop lights and street directional signs. Besides following these laws, riders also have the same rights as car drivers.

Night Riding

When riding a bicycle at night the bike must be equipped with a light on the front and an approved reflector on the back. It is also best to wear light-colored clothing whenever you are riding from dusk to dawn.

Carrying Friends

You may not use a bicycle to carry more people than the bike is designed to carry, and if you carry objects while riding, you must have one hand free to steer the bike. One hand must be on the handlebars at all times.


When riding, you must sit astride a permanent seat attached to the bike. The brakes must be in good working order so as to skid on dry, level, clean pavement when engaged.


While not required, you should wear a bike helmet and reflective clothes when riding.

Article Written By Laurie Roddy

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