Canyon Skywalk Information

Canyon Skywalk Information
A recent addition to the tourist attractions of the Grand Canyon, the Canyon Skywalk offers views higher than that of any skyscraper in the world. Owned and operated by a local Indian tribe, it stands as a substantial engineering achievement.


The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped walkway with a glass floor that extends beyond the edge of the western, Arizona side of the canyon wall.


Construction of the Skywalk began in March 2004 and final testing was completed in May 2005. It opened in March 2007.


According to its final engineering test, the Skywalk can bear a weight of roughly 35,500 tons. That exceeds its required tolerance by 400 percent.


The walkway extends 65 feet out from the canyon rim. It is suspended about 3,800 feet from the canyon floor, but because the canyon walls are not vertical the actual direct drop beneath it is about 800 feet at most.

Ownership and Cost

The Skywalk was built by the Hualapi Indians as a tourist attraction at a cost of more than $30 million.


The site is about 120 miles from Las Vegas and 75 miles from Kingman, Arizona.

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