What Is the Best Time to Go Fishing in Alaska?

What Is the Best Time to Go Fishing in Alaska?
Alaska possesses abundant fisheries in both its fresh and salt waters. This means that the best time to go fishing in Alaska is pretty much anytime, though it depends upon the kind of fish you want to catch. Most recreational anglers avoid the frigid winter months and fish when it is relatively warm.


May is good for saltwater fishing, since it is the only time that both the halibut and king salmon are in Alaska's coastal seas in large numbers.


Halibut are still in the coastal seas, but salmon are moving into the rivers by June. For example, red salmon are present in the Russian River and king salmon in the Kenai River.


July (especially early) is the peak period for catching salmon in Alaska's rivers, as king salmon are out in force almost everywhere. This of course also means large crowds of anglers.


By August the freshwater salmon catch has largely shifted to the less-popular silver salmon, but halibut are still plentiful offshore.


The salmon season might be over, but there are still trout in Alaska's rivers, as well as halibut in the coastal waters.

October to April

Between October and April, there are only two aquatic creatures a sport fisherman can reliably find and take home with him: razor clams and rockfish.

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