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  • What Should You Keep in Your Emergency Survival Kit for Winter?

    What Should You Keep in Your Emergency Survival Kit for Winter?Winter camping can be especially difficult. Temperatures are low, and wind speed can be especially high. To keep your family or camping party safe, plan ahead with a disaster or survival kit. When deciding what to include, always consider the limitations of the human body regarding food, water and temperature as well as the destination itself.



    Navigational gear such as maps, a compass and a GPS device make it easy to travel in unfamiliar areas. Include local, city and state maps for a complete route of the area where you will be traveling.

    Low temperatures

    solar blanket

    The human body can suffer cell destruction when exposed to temperatures below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Although a winter coat, hat and gloves help to warm the body in freezing weather, a solar blanket is necessary to prevent hypothermia because it reflects 80 percent to 90 percent of the body's heat.

    Food supply

    The human body burns fuel as it attempts to raise its temperature in freezing conditions. Therefore, stock non-perishable food such as trail mix, peanuts, dried fruit, granola bars, protein bars and crackers in an emergency survival kit to stave off hunger and maintain protein levels.

    Fire starter kits

    Strike anywhere matches and fire starter kits make it easy to start a fire in any condition, including damp areas where snow might have melted. Build a fire to boil water for safety, drinking and warmth.


    camp shovel

    A compact shovel makes it easy to break and remove packed snow from around a camper, truck and other vehicle tires.

    Distress signaling device

    Whistles and mirror reflectors make it easy to signal distress and attract the attention of passing motorists, which can save your life in an emergency situation.

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