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  • The Best Time to Visit Grand Teton

    The Best Time to Visit Grand Teton
    In Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park, winter comes early, bites hard and stays late. That means that for most visitors, the best time to go to the park is limited to the four-month window between June and September.


    The park's stretch of the Snake River draws anglers from all across the country, but when to fish there depends on the target fish. Steelhead season starts in August and runs into the winter, while smallmouth bass are a springtime fish.

    Bird Watching

    The best time for a bird watcher to visit the park is between mid-spring and mid-autumn, when migratory birds pass through.


    Some trails remain covered with snow until as late as the end of May, so the best time for hikers seeking to avoid snow and ice is June to September or sometimes October.


    Grand Teton is a magnet for climbers. Those seeking to avoid getting ice climbing practice should plan trips between June to September, when Jenny Lake Ranger Station is open.


    Nightly lows drop below freezing after September and do not come back above freezing until June. Campers seeking to avoid frigid nights should avoid October through May.

    Skiing and Snowshoeing

    Snow becomes persistent in the park from December to April, but to guarantee deep snow it come to the park between late December and late March or early April.

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