Taal Volcano Information

Taal Volcano Information
Taal Volcano is located about 30 miles south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Considered to be an active volcano, it is a popular spot with adventurous tourists who want to hike or ride a horse up to the rim of the main crater.


Taal Volcano is the world's smallest volcano. It is on the island of Luzon, surrounded by the fresh waters of Lake Taal, home to an unusual species of venomous black and white sea snake.


Taal Volcano has a lake inside its crater, aptly called Crater Lake. The water in Crater Lake is a diluted form of sulfuric acid, which some think may have medicinal properties. No fish can be found in Crater Lake.


Since 1572, Taal has erupted 33 times. One of the most deadly eruptions occurred in 1911, when more than 1,300 people died and ash flew as far as Manila.


Seismic activity was recorded at Taal Volcano in November 2006, and bubbling water was seen in the crater in April 2007. Taal constantly sends up steam from small vents in the earth.


Boats run from Tagaytay, a nearby city that offers an excellent view of the volcano, out to the volcano island for day trekking and touring trips. You have a choice of hiking up the gentle slope or riding a horse or donkey to the edge of the main crater.

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