Information on Hiking in Alaska

Information on Hiking in AlaskaWhether you want to hike a mile or spend a few weeks backpacking, Alaska offers it all. You can hike to meadows filled with wildflowers, or over mountains, tundra, ice, snow and along forests and rivers for scenery, wildlife and beauty you'll never forget.


Anchorage's Chugach Mountains offer trails located close to urban amenities. Try trail-less hiking in Denali National Park. Or, head to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for a true wilderness hiking trip.

Guided Adventure

Guided hiking trips show you Alaska's wilderness while relying on the guide's expertise and knowledge. Trips run the gamut from exploring the area from a base camp to strenuous backpacking trips requiring hiking, kayaking and rafting to get you into remote areas.

Backcountry Gear

Besides bringing typical overnight gear, hikers need to pack water or a water filtering system. In the summer, mosquito netting remains a must-have. Plan to hang food from a tree or carry bear-resistant containers.

Equipment Rental

If you can't bring all your gear with you, consider renting some. Both REI and Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking in Anchorage rent gear including crampons and axes.


Black and grizzly bears call Alaska home, making bear spray a necessity. In the fall, moose bulls need to be avoided, as the large animals sport huge racks backed by raging testosterone as they defend their territories.

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