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    Camp Blanding, Florida Information
    When enjoying an outdoors Floridian vacation, military buffs won't be able to resist taking a break from the beaches to stop by Camp Blanding's public museums. Indoor and outdoor exhibits bring 20th-century military history to life, starting from World War II.


    Camp Blanding was founded in 1939 as a base for the Florida National Guard. It first went into national service during World War II, when it was used to train members of the U.S. Army.


    Today Camp Blanding is under state control. Its facilities are used to train both the National Guard and members of the reserves.

    Public Attractions

    The Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park is open the public, with all profits going to the Florida National Guard. The attractions are mostly run by volunteers, and it is owned by the Florida Department of Military Affairs.

    The Memorial Park

    Camp Blanding has a memorial park on site to recognize soldiers who fought in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. The park stretches over 13 acres.

    The Museum

    The military museum displays uniforms, weapons and photography from the soldiers who trained at Camp Blanding. The exhibits are arranged chronologically, presenting a timeline starting with World War II and leading up to modern day.

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