Facts on Birds in Mexico

Facts on Birds in Mexico
Mexico is a great place for birdwatchers, combining temperate, desert and tropical climates. It is reputed to be home to 1,150 bird species, compared with 925 in the United States.

National Bird

According to both the website of the Mexican Presidency and BirdFreak.com, the national bird of Mexico is the northern crested caracara. These birds are part of the same family as falcons.

Endangered Birds

Mexico Bird Conservation says there are 39 endangered species of birds in Mexico. Five of these species are from birds that cannot be bred in captivity, including the whooping crane.


Mexico is home to two species of owl: the barn owl and the great horned owl.


There are three species of colorful toucans in Mexico, including the keel-billed toucan.

Macaws and Parrots

Mexico has a variety of macaws, parakeets and parrots among its tropical bird species, including the military macaw, the orange-fronted parakeet and the white-fronted parrot.


Of the flamingos, only the American greater flamingo makes its habitat in Mexico.

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