Information on Trinidad & Tabago Culture

Information on Trinidad & Tabago Culture
The nation of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. Trinidad and Tobago achieved independence from Britain in 1962. The country is a popular tourist destination not only because of its tropical climate but also its rich musical and artistic culture drawn from a diverse mix of ethnic traditions.


English is the official language of Trinidad and Tobago. However, many people speak Hindi and/or a dialect that has elements of several European, African and Native American languages.


Europeans settled Trinidad and Tobago in 1592. It eventually became a British colony important for sugar production. Oil and tourism brought economic prosperity in the 20th century.


Trinidad and Tobago are famous for their steel drum bands as well as for Calypso music, which has its roots in African, Creole and Caribbean cultures.


The street festivals of Trinidad and Tobago are as well known as the music. Chief among them is Carnival, which takes place on the days immediately preceding Ash Wednesday.


"Doubles" are sandwiches made with the local fried bread called bara. Like most local dishes, doubles are heavily influenced by other Creole and Caribbean cuisines.

Outdoor Activities

Long-distance running is extremely popular in Trinidad and Tobago. Visitors can also choose from hiking or cycling and a range of water sports like kayaking, surfing and fishing.

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