About Pocket Rocket Camping Stoves

About Pocket Rocket Camping StovesMSR's Pocket Rocket camping stove is a compact and lightweight camping stove that fits atop a self-sealing fuel canister. It is among the most affordable options for camp stoves, with a price range of $31.00 to $39.99, as of March 2010.


This ultralight stove weighs only 3 oz/85 g and is only 4 x 2 x 2 in. (10.2 x 5. x 5.1 cm). It has good simmer control, while still boiling water in about three and a half minutes. It's a canister-fuel stove, so it needs no priming and takes minimal time to set up.

Activity Type

This stove is exceptional for backpacking and long trail through-hiking trips.

Leave No Trace

Fuel canisters are not reusable, but they are recyclable in many places. Make sure they are empty, and then poke a hole in them before throwing them in the recycling bin with other metals.


Though it does have simmer control, it has less temperature control than some of the larger, liquid fuel stoves. Canister stoves can lose some performance value in very cold environments, due to the high boiling point of the common fuel choices.


Damage to a fuel canister can be dangerous. The Pocket Rocket has a ridged cook surface to combat instability, but you should always look for stable ground and avoid using large pots that could tip over easily.

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