How Gatorade Began

How Gatorade BeganGatorade is a sports energy drink that is used to provide calories and replenish fluids in the body. Gatorade was originally developed to assist athletes in their physical performance both on and off the field.


In 1965, an assistant football coach of the University of Florida met with researchers Dr James Free, Dr Robert Cade, Dr. Alejandro de Quesada and Dr. Dana Shires to discuss the coach's concern that players were being struck with so many heat-induced sicknesses. Gatorade was created as an advanced hydration formula to replace fluids and nutrients lost through exercise and sweat.


After they began drinking Gatorade, the Florida Gators began winning more games. The wins are believed to have resulted from the electrolyte and fluid replenishment from Gatorade. The drink helped players combat dehydration from the effects of the sun and heat during their training and exercise sessions, and during games.


After Gatorade was tested on the Florida Gators and proven on the field to increase physical energy and mental alertness, the beverage was manufactured and distributed to stores and other sporting venues in 1967.

Original Flavor

One of the original beverage flavors was lemon-lime---a non-carbonated lemon drink with a hint of lime. Another flavor was orange, which had a light, orange taste.

Product Innovations

Since the late 1960s, Gatorade has developed more than 10 drink varieties in its product line with over 50 different varieties of flavors that are either limited edition, in stores or since discontinued.

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