Information About Harmony House in Meridian, Idaho

Information About Harmony House in Meridian, Idaho
It is imperative that those struggling with substance abuse find a drug rehabilitation center to help them battle their grueling, internal war. Located in Meridian, Idaho, Harmony House offers substance abuse treatment services geared towards adolescents struggling with the cycle of addiction.

Primary Focus

Harmony House focuses primarily on patients with alcoholism and drug substance abuse problems, but treatment services also incorporate other issues which may play a role in addiction, such as physical abuse, loss and abandonment.


Harmony House relies on counseling services to help their patients receive the most effective treatment for their road towards recovery.

Type of Care

All services provided at Harmony House consist of long-term residential care.

Specific Programs/Groups Offered

"We only work with adolescents, but we're also dual diagnosis capable, which means that we can deal with people with bipolar disorder, depression as well as substance abuse," said Eric Anderson, a therapist at Harmony House. "Our staff is also trained to deal with patients with HIV/AIDS."


All services provided at Harmony House are state funded.

For more information:
Harmony House
4615 South Locust Grove
Meridian, Idaho 83642

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