Facts About Chad, Africa

Facts About Chad, Africa
Even the most ardent wildlife and safari lovers are encouraged to stay away from Chad. The landlocked country is often hit by political strife and travel to and from the country can be extremely dangerous.


Chad is located in the central region of Africa. The country is to the south of Libya, to the east of Nigeria and to the northwest of Cameroon.

Languages Spoken in Chad

French and Arabic are the two major languages spoken in Chad, however there are over 120 different local dialects which can make communication difficult.

Climate of Chad

The climate of Chad is diverse depending on the region of the country you're in. The South features a tropical climate with plenty of rain, while the central plains features a mixture of shrubbery and desert climates and the North has a typical desert climate.

Chad's Capital City

Chad's capital is called N'djamena. The city's population is expected to top two million people by the end of this decade. It features a stark contrast between a city that wants to enter the future, and one that is stuck in the past. Mud huts sit next to high-rises in this capital city.

What to See

Zakouma National Park is Chad's greatest treasure. After poaching decimated the wildlife population Chad's government in conjunction with European nations worked to repopulate with lions, wildebeests, giraffes, and various primates. The cost to enter the park is $15 per person, and an additional $7 per vehicle.

When to See It

The best time to visit the park is March and April, when there will be much congregating by animals around the watering holes. June to October is the rainy season, and travel is almost impossible during that period.

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