Baxter State Park Campground

Baxter State Park Campground
Baxter State Park is in north-central Maine and is a remote wilderness area. The park covers 209,501 acres and was a gift to the state by former Governor Percival Baxter. The wilderness area has many rugged trails, streams and camping areas.


The park has eight campgrounds that are accessible by car, and three that are accessible only by foot. There are no utilities, but there are some cabins available. Most sites are tent sites, but there are some lean-to type structures available.



Reservations are taken for most sites for camping May through October 15. One third of the sites are held for Maine residents, and some of those become available if not used.

Plan Ahead

By July most of the reservations are made for the rest of the year, so it will be hard to get a site. By mid-July and for the rest of the season, it is very hard to get a site by just showing up.


Baxter State Park has 200 miles of trails, and 46 mountain peaks and ridges. The highest peak is at 5,267 feet. It is also the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.


The only water available is untreated water in streams. You must either bring your own water, or purify what is there. All camping at the park is primitive.


The main purpose of the park is nature preservation, not promotion of use. During busy seasons areas are closed when a certain number of people are using the park.


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