About Ice Fishing Rods

About Ice Fishing Rods
The average ice fishing rod is just 28 inches long. It's small because it is only used to lower bait into the water through a hole in the ice. Ice fishing rods have small reels attached to their handles and differ in terms of power and action. The materials they are made from and other features also differ from rod to rod.


The term "power" translates into how much force is necessary to bend the rod. Ice fishing rods come in heavy, medium, light, and ultra-light power classifications--the bigger the species, the more power the rod will need.


Just where the rod will bend is described as the rod's "action." The fast action ice fishing rods will flex near the tip, the medium ones near the middle and the slow action rods closer to the handle.


The majority of these rods are composed of graphite, fiberglass or blends of the two. The graphite rods will cost more but are more sensitive, while fiberglass rods last longer and are typically stronger.


As a rule, the more rod guides an ice fishing rod has, the more uniformly the rod will bend under the weight of a fish. Most rods will have three or four guides but high end rods will have as many as six to thread the line through.


Cork is the preferred make-up of an ice fishing rod's handle because it stays warm in a person's grip and remains sensitive to light fish bites. Some rods will have plastic and foam handles.

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