Alaska Fishing Regulations

Alaska Fishing Regulations
Alaska is blessed with coastal waters and inland watercourses that are teeming with fish, making it a paradise for anglers. With fishing being such an important tourist draw and commercial industry, the state of Alaska has thoroughly regulated sport fishing activities.


Licenses for sport fishing are priced for residents and non-residents, with the latter being more expensive. The 2009 price paid by residents for a one-year license was $24, while one week for a non-resident was $55, and one year was $145.


Active duty members of the U.S. military in Alaska pay the same fees as non-residents, except for the one-year license. In 2009, it was $24, the same rate as for residents.

King Salmon Stamp

Fishing for King Salmon in Alaska requires an additional stamp on the license. The 2009 prices were $10 for a resident, and ranged from $10 for one day to $100 for one year for non-residents.

Prohibited Fishing Methods

Fishermen are banned from building dams or other blockages, as well as using explosive devices, poisons or snagging (hooking anywhere on the fish outside the mouth) to catch fish. The use of arrows or spears is permitted, but only in specified areas.


Most fish in Alaska have catch limits that are specific to their region. For example, on Kodiak Island there are limits of two per day on local trout, but 10 per day on king salmon of less than 20 inches in length.

No Resale

It is illegal for a fisherman using a sport license to profit from their catch. This includes both sale for cash and bartering.

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