Information About the Akiachak Tribe in Alaska

Information About the Akiachak Tribe in Alaska
The Native American Akiachak (pronounced ACK-ee-uh-chuck) people belong to an Eskimo tribe indigenous to Alaska. Akiachaks are Yup'ik Eskimos whose traditional language is Yup'ik. The Akiachaks are a federally recognized tribe.


The tribe lives in the Akiachak Native Community, a village near the city of Bethel. It is located in southwest Alaska. Akiachak is only about 2 square miles of land and about a square mile of water, but natives range far in search of food.


Akiachak is located on the Kuskokwim River on the vast Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The delta is formed by deposits from both the Kuskokwim and Yukon Rivers. The area is part of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.

Relationship with the Land

The Akiachak largely live off the land, depending heavily on fishing, waterfowl and traveling the water to hunt large prey such as moose and caribou.

Traditional Values

The Akiachak value their traditions and culture. Besides keeping their language alive by teaching it in school alongside English, Akiachak was the first community to replace the city government with a traditional village council.


The area now settled as Akiachak was used seasonally by the Akiachaks. It was formerly called Akiakchagamiut. In the 1890 census, 43 people inhabited the area. The latest (2002) estimate puts the population at more than 600.

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