Information on Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina

Information on Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina
North Carolina's Stone Mountain State Park provides miles of scenic trails for hikers and backpackers. Climbers also enjoy the park's soaring Stone Mountain, which stretches to over 2,300 feet high.


Stone Mountain State park occupies over 14,000 acres of land in North Carolina's Wilkes and Alleghany counties, in the northwest area of the state.


The area that now comprises the park was originally colonized by European settlers from countries including England, Germany and France. The park's focal point, Stone Mountain, was established in 1969 and recognized as a National Natural Landmark in 1975.


Stone Mountain's streams and ponds are full of trout, beavers and frogs. In addition, the park houses foxes, raccoons, white-tailed deer and numerous species of birds.


Stone Mountain State Park has trails available for hikers of all skill levels, and many of them provide dazzling views of the local landscapes. Advanced hikers can set off on the 4 1/2-mile Stone Mountain Loop Trail while beginners can opt for a shorter hike on the Wolf Rock Trail. All hikers should exercise caution when approaching cliffs and steep overlooks, especially when the stones are wet.


Stone Mountain State Park allows rock climbing in designated areas, but all climbers must register with the park and obtain a permit prior to their adventure. The park holds all climbers accountable for their own personal safety and recommends that beginners are accompanied by an experienced climber.

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