About Camping Stoves With Griddles

About Camping Stoves With GriddlesThere are several different styles of camping stoves with griddles. These types of stoves are often portable and offer a convenient way to cook and prepare food outdoors. Griddles are often one long section of material such as cast iron or metal with non-stick surfaces that lay over a heat source to cook the food.

How They Work

Camping stoves with griddles work with either a built-in griddle on the stove or a removable griddle that can be placed above the burners or flame to cook and heat food. A center burner is recommended to eliminate cool spots while maintaining consistent heat.


The griddles can be used to cook food that would otherwise fall through a grill such as eggs, bacon, sausage links, small vegetables and pancakes.


Camping stoves with griddles should be washed with a mild soap and water or a water and vinegar solution after the griddle has cooled.


Popular brand names include Coleman and Camp Chef. Both offer a variety of burner and portability options for outdoor food preparation.


Unless electric, camping stoves should be used outdoors or in a properly ventilated area. Because many griddles are removable, care should be taken when washing and removing, as they can still be hot and retain their heat for several hours after cooking.

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