Montana Fishing Information

Montana Fishing Information
The Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission oversees angling in Montana. The state offers fishing for a large number of species, including brook trout, lake trout, burbot, bass and northern pike.

License Requirements

Residents of Montana ages 11 and under do not require a fishing license to fish, while those ages 12 to 14 must have a Conservation License. A resident aged 15 to 61 needs both a Conservation License and a valid fishing license, while those older than 61 simply need the Conservation License.

Species of Special Concern

Montana native species labeled Species of Special Concern include two types of cutthroat trout and the bull trout. In most water, an angler catching these fish must quickly let them go.

Unlawful Acts

Montana considers it unlawful if an angler hires an unlicensed guide. An angler cannot refuse to show his license and/or fish to a conservation officer who requests him to do so.

Ice Fishing

Montana's cold winters lend themselves to ice fishing. An angler may employ no more than six lines at one time and must have devices such as tip-ups within visual range on the ice.


In order to fish for paddlefish, a species in Montana that can grow to weigh over 100 lbs., an angler must first purchase a paddlefish tag in addition to his Conservation and fishing licenses.

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