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    Jerusalem Israel Tourism
    Jerusalem is Israel's capital and largest city. The local economy is largely based on tourism. Jerusalem is considered a holy city within Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The city is situated between the Mediterranean and Dead Seas, within the Judean Mountains.


    Jerusalem is surrounded by valleys and bounded by the Mount of Olives to the east and Mount Scopus to the north. The city's elevation is approximately 2,500 feet.


    The typical Mediterranean climate of Jerusalem includes dry, hot summers and wet, cold winters. Because of the elevation, evenings are typically cool year round.


    Jerusalem is home to the most-visited archaeological and historical sites in the world, including the Temple Mount, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Many sites are off limits to vehicular traffic, so be prepared for considerable walking. The hills, valleys and countryside around the city provide great opportunities for hiking, climbing and biking.


    Hebrew is the main language of West Jerusalem, and Arabic is the the main language of East Jerusalem. English is understood through most of the city.


    Because of the religious significance of many areas of Jerusalem, it is important to be conscious of dress, the time of day, and use of electronic devices. Learn the expectations before visiting any particular site.

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