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  • Information About the People in the African Savanna

    Information About the People in the African Savanna
    Savannas, which consist of grassland with scattered trees, cover nearly half the surface of Africa, mostly in the central part of the continent. Although the cultures in these savannas vary, each culture shares some attributes.


    Countries with landscapes primarily or partially consisting of savannas include Angola, Zambia, Burkina, Nigeria, Sudan, Botswana, Central African Republic and Madagascar.



    Inhabitants may be nomadic, herding sheep or other animals. Others grow cassava, yams, rice, corn or groundnuts. Many farmers struggle with their crops, as Africa has a shortage of fallow land and droughts are frequent.


    The shortage of fertile land in these regions has caused widespread poverty, malnutrition and famine. In some countries, it has contributed to political and civil unrest.


    Many indigenous religions thrive throughout the savannas of Africa. Christianity, however, is practiced in much of Angola and Zambia, while Sudan is primarily an Islamic nation.


    Meals are often cooked in one pot and may include peanuts, chili peppers, cassava, plantains, okra and grilled meats such as beef, chicken, crocodile or antelope.


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