Fishing Regulations in Alberta, Canada

Fishing Regulations in Alberta, Canada
The Fish and Wildlife Division of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development's website says that there are as many as 63 different species of fish in the Canadian province. This agency oversees fishing in Alberta and enforces the regulations set forth by Alberta law.

Resident Licenses

Alberta residents aged 16 through 64 require a fishing license to participate in the sport, while youths under 16 and seniors over 65 do not need a license.

Line Limits

Alberta anglers in open water may employ only one line, while ice fishermen can use only two lines on the ice.

Retained Fish

Alberta fishing regulations describe any fish that you do not quickly send back into the water as a retained fish. Any fish that you have on a stringer or possess in a live well on your boat goes towards part of your limit for that species.

Illegal Possession

Fish that you may not possess and must immediately let go include fish smaller than maximum and minimum size limits, a fish that you accidentally snag with a hook, a fish that you manage to catch after already having reached your limit for that species, and threatened fish species such as the lake sturgeon.

Derby License

Residents of Alberta that organize a fishing tournament or derby that will include more than 25 individuals need to purchase a special license in order to hold the event.

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