Pennsylvania Fishing Information

Pennsylvania Fishing Information
Pennsylvania is a state that offers many fishing opportunities around the calendar year. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulates the sport of fishing in the state.


Pennsylvania has a wide range of species that anglers may choose to target while fishing. These fish include members of the catfish family, the pike family, the perch family, the trout family and the sunfish family.


Pennsylvania laws requires anyone 16 years or older to have a fishing license. Seniors age 65 and older that are Pennsylvania residents have the option of buying a license each year at a rate about half that of a normal resident license or purchasing a license valid for the rest of their lives. Licenses are available at many gas stations and sporting-goods stores.

Time Frame

In Pennsylvania, opening day varies for different species. For example, the regular season for trout and salmon commences on the first Saturday after April 11 each year and extends through Labor Day.

No Closed Season

Some species, such as northern pike, muskellunge, pickerel and smallmouth bass have no closed season, meaning an angler may catch them year round.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishermen in Pennsylvania cannot use more than five lines at any one time. This includes any combination of ice-fishing tip-ups, hand lines or jigging rod lines.

Stocked Species

Stocked fish species in Pennsylvania include game fish such as the rainbow trout and brown trout.

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