Tennessee State Tourism

Tennessee State Tourism
Tennessee offers many exciting choices for the tourist. The state has a diverse selection of parks and natural areas, many offering backcountry options.

The Grand Divisions

Tennessee is legally separated into three regions, called the Grand Divisions. These consist of East, Middle and West Tennessee.

East Tennessee

East Tennessee is a mountainous region and includes Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With the natural terrain, hiking, biking and wildlife viewing are popular.

Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee offers rolling hills and beautiful scenery. Along with the urban Nashville, Middle Tennessee boasts several areas for outdoor recreation, such as Center Hill Lake, which has many hiking trails and is also popular for water sports.

West Tennessee

Attractions in West Tennessee include the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. Besides these major waterways, West Tennessee is home to other natural places, such as Cypress Grove Nature Park. Cypress Grove has elevated boardwalks for nature hikes, along with a rehabilitation center for injured birds of prey.

Tennessee State Parks

Tennessee offers several state parks in each region. Many state parks offer front- and backcountry camping, miles of trails, water and the state's abundant wildlife which inhabits the parks.

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