What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Camping?

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Camping?
There's something about being outdoors away from home overnight that ignites a sense of going back to our roots. It could be that nature in its purest form is all around us or maybe it's just that wondrous feeling we get when sitting around a camp fire with friends viewing the stars, and wondering what life is all about. Outdoor camping is where this can all happen.


Camping is really an American invention. In the late 1800s, camps were established by various organizations such as schools and the YMCA/YWCA. Later, as national parks and state parks were established, campgrounds became an important feature.


Outdoor camping can be enjoyed a variety of ways, from backpacking in the wilderness to a stay at a modern campground with toilet and shower facilities. Campers stay in tents or off-the-ground camping trailers, and can even sleep outside under the stars.

Health Benefits

Campers breathe fresh air, and are active. From nature hikes to gathering wood for campfires to a pick-up volleyball game, the opportunities are endless. And there's always time for quiet relaxation.


Of a like mind-set, campers are there to enjoy nature, so social interaction is relaxed. New friends are easy to make---for families, couples and singles alike. Evening campfires often attract gatherings.

Other Benefits

Camping is inexpensive. While fancy equipment may be purchased, it is not necessary, and many items can be brought from home such as blankets and pillows. There are no hotels or restaurant meals to purchase. Additionally, campgrounds exist all over the country, so vacation locations are endless.

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