Facts on Havana, Cuba

Facts on Havana, Cuba
Havana is the capital of Cuba, and is home to over 2 million people, making it the largest populated city in the Caribbean. According to the USA Today, over 2.35 million foreigners visited Cuba in 2008.


Havana is one of the oldest cities in North America, founded by Diego Velasquez de Cuellar on August 25, 1515.


Havana is located on the northwest part of the island of Cuba, and is less than 100 miles from the edge of Key West, Florida, and is one of the northernmost Caribbean Islands.

Famous Ties

The city was a favorite spot of writer Ernest Hemingway, and has a dubious historical tie of being the place where the American battleship "Maine" blew up, sparking the Spanish-American War.

Imports & Exports

Major exports from Havana include sugar, tobacco, and fruit.


The Havana climate is sub-tropical and mild. The rainy season spans from May through October.

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