About the Amazon Rainforest Animals

About the Amazon Rainforest Animals
The Amazon rainforest is is the biggest forest in the world and home to an countless species of plants, animals and insects. Up high in the canopy, you can find spider monkeys and colorful birds, while down below in the river are reptiles, dolphins and otters.


Spider monkeys, Golden Lion Tamarin and Sloth are among the mammals that live in the canopy of the rainforest. Typically, these animals feed on the fruit, seeds, leaves and insects they find among the trees.



Many colorful birds reside in the Amazon, including the Toucan and the Macaw.


The Black Caiman is the largest predator that resides in the Amazon River and can grow to nearly 20 feet long. Anacondas also reside and can reach a length of 37 feet.

Aquatic Species

Fish counts in the Amazon include estimates from 2,500 to 5,000, with the electric eel, which grows to 8 feet long, the piranha and the pirarucu among the species. On the tamer side, the river is also home to the Amazon Pink River Dolphin and the Giant River Otter.


The Poison Arrow Frog, relatively small but brightly colored, has one of the most deadly poisons known.


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