Kid Friendly Dead Sea Facts

Kid Friendly Dead Sea Facts
The Dead Sea is not a sea at all, but a lake. The lake is in Jordan, a small country in the Middle East. The Dead Sea has many interesting facts that may surprise its visitors and people studying it.

Animal Life

There is no life in or directly around the sea due to the quantity of salt and other minerals. The Mujib Nature Preserve is located near the east coast of the Dead Sea and has Nubian Ibex, Caracal, hyenas, wolves, foxes, and permanent and migratory birds. This nature preserve also has more than 420 kinds of plants.

Stinky Lake

The Dead Sea is sometimes called the "Stinky Lake" because of a smell the minerals give off.

Famous Ties

The Dead Sea has been linked throughout history to Jesus, King David, John the Baptist and Queen Cleopatra. Queen Cleopatra may have even had cosmetics and medicine factories along the Dead Sea.


People have been attracted to live in the Dead Sea since the Stone Age. The salt and minerals in the lake make the water therapeutic and the climate is always warm and sunny.


The rocks along the edge of the Dead Sea look like they have snow covering them, but it's the white salt depositing on the rocks that makes it look like snow in the hot climate. You don't even have to try to float in the Dead Sea, you can't help it. There is so much salt in the Dead Sea that it gives you buoyancy. The salt is used in cosmetics and spas.

Lowest Point on Earth

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth at 400 meters below sea level.

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