Bird Identification: Oriole

Bird Identification: Oriole
The three most prominent orioles in the United States are the Baltimore oriole, the Bullock's oriole and the orchard oriole. These orioles are a combination of black and orange for the most part, have rounded tails and pointed wings and fly from one point to another in a straight line using quick beats of their wings.


While the Baltimore and Bullock's orioles can be as long as 8.5 inches, the smaller orchard oriole is typically being less than 7 inches.


Orchard orioles and Baltimore orioles have an all-black head. The Bullock's variety has a brilliant orange head with a black crown, throat and thin stripe through its eye.


The Bullock's oriole lives throughout the western part of the country, while the other two are found in the eastern two-thirds of the nation.


These orioles can be identified by their nests, woven from such things as grass, hair, twine and plants, which hang down from the fork in a tree branch.


The oriole uses its bill, black in color and shaped much like a dagger, to catch caterpillars, spiders and small insects and gather nectar from flowers.

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