Facts About Havana, Cuba

Facts About Havana, Cuba
Havana is the capital city of Cuba, which is an island nation located about 90 miles from Key West, Florida. Due to Cuba's Communist government, it may be difficult to have the opportunity to travel to Havana and enjoy outdoor adventures in the tropical Cuban climate. However, travel restrictions have eased in recent years and Havana has become more receptive to tourists.


According to TripWolf.com, Havana has a population of 2,168,255 as of 2010. This makes Havana the ninth-largest city in Latin America.


Havana was originally founded in 1959. Since 1959, Havana and the rest of Cuba have been under Communist rule when a coup saw Fidel Castro rise to power. In 2008, Castro's brother Raul was officially named president of Cuba.


Because of its poor economy and oppressive regime, some may believe that Havana is not safe for tourists. However, a strong military and police presence in the tourist areas means those portions of Havana are relatively crime-free.


Travelers to Havana will have little trouble exchanging currency. The airport, banks and hotel lobbies all have currency exchange facilities, and currency exchange offices are located throughout the city.


Havana has seen an increase in nightlife in recent years. Bars and pubs are present, and you'll be able to enjoy live music and entertainment at a variety of nightclubs.

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