The Amount of Money for a Week Long Stay in Guatemala

The Amount of Money for a Week Long Stay in Guatemala
Guatemala is a mountainous country in Central America. The country has two ocean littorals, five lakes, 100 rivers and 61 lagoons within it's 14 eco-regions. It is also home to the famous Mayan ruins of Tikal. A week's stay in Guatemala is affordable and rewarding, totaling an average of $600 dollars.


Bed and breakfasts in Guatemala are usually family owed. Locals take pride in catering to visitors, making their accommodations comfortable and affordable. On average as of 2010, a bed and breakfast in Guatemala can range from $18 to $25 per night. For a week long stay, the total for lodging would be between $126 to $175 dollars.


Food in Guatemala is generally very affordable, consisting of meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit. Since the bed and breakfasts provide the breakfast, you would only need to worry about lunch and dinner. Lunch in the local markets can range from $4 to $6 dollars and simple dinners can cost up to $15. A good budget as of 2010, for a week of meals in Guatemala, would total approximately $160 dollars for one person.


The best way to get around locally in Guatemala is by bus. A normal fare as of 2010, for cities within the country is $10 dollars per trip. Totaling four bus rides in one week, the budget for traveling by bus amounts to $40 dollars.

Artisan Shopping

Handcrafts in Guatemala are colorful and a true depiction of unique craftsmanship. Along your week's travel you may be tempted to buy bags, ceramics and other art to take back home. A reasonable budget for shopping in Guatemala would be at least $100 dollars.


Some of the attractions you may want to visit will have entrance fees. You may also be interested in hiring a tour guide for the ruins of Tikal. Budget approximately $100 for entrance fees to at least six museums and the Tikal tour guide.

Article Written By Michelle Bush

Michelle Bush is a nutrition/counselor and herbalist living in the Appalachian Mountains. She holds a degree from San Diego Mesa College and has devoted seven years of professional experience to fitness, nutrition and yoga. Bush is a founding member of Nutridel, a healthy vegan cookie company, and is currently receiving certification as an herbalist in traditional Chinese medicine and ayurveda.

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