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  • Bahamas Tourism Information

    Bahamas Tourism Information
    The Bahamas is a chain of approximately 700 islands located just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. For outdoor adventurers, the Bahamas offers a range of activities both on land and in water.

    Fun Fact

    According to, 70 percent of stopover visitors to the Bahamas are on vacation. Eighty percent of those visitors stated a desire to return in the next five years, while 89 percent said they would recommend a Bahamian vacation to others.


    The Bahamas make a good vacation spot for bicycling enthusiasts. The highest elevation on Cat Island, for example, is only 206 feet above sea level, making cycling suitable for all fitness and experience levels. The islands are filled with bike rental locations.

    Boating and Sailing

    Boating and sailing are also popular activities in the Bahamas. Boaters can drop anchor at a remote location for fishing or diving or take part in competitive sailing activities such as regattas. Fishing contests also abound.


    Snorkelers will enjoy exploring the many reefs that surround the Bahamas. Equipment is available for rental, and lessons are offered for beginners.


    Once the day's activities are concluded, you can dine at a variety of Bahamian restaurants that offer a choice of virtually any type of international cuisine as well as island dishes. A local specialty is the meat of the conch, a type of mollusk native to the surrounding waters.

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