Facts on Devils Tower in Wyoming

Facts on Devils Tower in Wyoming
The 1,267-foot Devils Tower is located in the sparsely populated town of Devils Tower, Wyoming. According to the National Park Service, the monument attracts approximately 400,000 visitors each year for its beauty, as well as outdoor adventure in the 1,347-acre Bears Lodge park that houses it.

Geology and Landscape

Devils Tower is part of the Black Hills; dome mountain ranges present in both Wyoming and South Dakota.


Devils Tower is a sacred place for more than 20 Native American tribes, including the Cheyenne River Lakota, Eastern Shoshone and Blackfoot Indians.


Thrill-seekers can climb the vertical faces of Devils Tower. Those less brave can hike the park's eight miles of trails or cross-country ski during winter months.

Wildlife Observation

In the park, commonly seen animals include turkey vultures, redheaded woodpeckers, porcupines, tiger salamanders, white-tailed deer and black-tailed prairie dogs. Wildlife observation opportunities vary according to season or weather conditions.


The town of Devils Tower has motels and lodges. Although camping is not allowed in the park, two campgrounds, Devils Tower KOA and Devils Tower View, lie within five miles of the park.

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