Mexico Country Facts

Mexico Country Facts
With a population of approximately 111 million, Mexico is the 14th largest independent nation in the world. Recognized as the United Mexican States, Mexico is a North American federal constitutional republic. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.


Early civilizations in Mexico are acknowledged for much advancement in the fields of mathematics and science. During the mid to late 1800s, Mexico endured a border dispute that developed into the Mexican-American War. After a series of different leaders, Mexico finally had a period of economic success between 1940 and 1980 called the "Mexican Miracle."


The total area of Mexico is 761,601 square miles. The boundary that separates the northern border of Mexico from the U.S. is the Rio Grande, which stretches from Ciudad Juarez to the Gulf of Mexico on the eastern frontier. Mexico's southern border is shared with Guatemala and Belize.


The three basic and separate branches of the central government include the legislative branch, executive branch, and the judiciary branch. The current president since December 2006 is Felipe Calderon.


There is great disparity in wealth between rural and urban areas. Mexico continues to improve its infrastructure and reduce this inequality in income as the middle class continues to grow.


Mexico is divided by the Tropic of Cancer into two climate zones, including the temperate and tropical zones.

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