Facts About Sonora Mexico

Facts About Sonora Mexico
Sonora, Mexico, attracts visitors from throughout the U.S. and Canada and is especially popular among tourists from nearby New Mexico and Arizona. The state of Sonora boasts a blend of desert and beach landscapes that attract visitors with a wide range of outdoor tastes.


Trekking through the Sonoran landscape takes you through a variety of exploratory routes in El Pinacate and Great Altar Desert that showcase the natural wilderness in Sonora.


Biking trails in Sonora wind through a variety of landscapes, including deserts, beaches, forests and mountainous terrains. In addition, biking enthusiasts benefit from competitive races organized throughout Sonora.


The Pacific waters off Sonora are among the most popular in Mexico. Divers enjoy exploring coves, underwater cliffs and visibility of up to 100 feet.


San Carlos is Sonora's foremost fishing destination. Competitive tournaments are organized in July and August. In addition, the species of available fish depends on the season of your visit.


Sonora's most famous beach is Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point. Visitors are often drawn to the water sports available, including ocean kayaking, jet skiing and parasailing.

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