Equipment Needed for Ice Fishing

Equipment Needed for Ice Fishing
Ice fishing requires that specific equipment be used. The fact that the angler has to make a hole in the ice to be able to fish contributes to this. While the fishing tackle is similar to warm-weather gear, an ice fisherman will use other equipment that is very different from the typical rod and reel set-up.


A manual auger or a power auger is vital for ice fishing. These drill-like tools with sharpened blades can make a hole in the ice up to 10 inches in diameter in a matter of seconds.


Tip-ups are devices anglers will set up over a hole in the ice. A tip-up consists of a reel of line that, when pulled by a fish, will cause a flag to pop up. Tip-ups come in wood and hard plastic discs, called polar thermal tip-ups. The polar thermal tip-up fits over the hole and prevents the water from freezing in it.

Jigging Rods

The jigging rod is a small rod, about 28 inches long , that has a downsized reel attached to it. With this rig, a fisherman can lower live or artificial bait down the hole to catch a variety of fish species.


An ice fisherman requires equipment that provides warmth and safety, including items such as hand warmers, portable stoves, ice fishing shelters, ice cleats and life jackets.


All of this equipment needs to be transported onto the ice. Use a sturdy rubber sled or large box set on runners.


Ice fishing bait can range from live shiners, minnows, grubs and waxworms to artificial lures such as ice flies and tiny jigs. Live bait requires the angler to have a bait bucket.

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