Information on Water Tubing

Information on Water TubingWater tubing can provide an inexpensive, fun vacation for family and friends. Tubing retailers and rental companies are popping up at rivers across the country, helping to make this water sport an even more popular summer activity.


Water tubing involves floating down a river or across a lake with the help of an inflated tube. Towed tubing occurs when the tube is tied to a motorboat or jet ski. Free floating occurs when the rider and tube are untethered and often transported by a current.



Raw inner tubes are very inexpensive and are found inside the tires of many automobiles. Mid-price tubes often feature heat-welded seams for extra strength. High-end tubes may seat two to four riders.


Towed tubers become airborne while passing over the wake behind a vessel. All tubers should wear proper water-safety gear, including life vests and protective shoes. Tubers in high-current rivers should also wear helmets.

Tubing Destinations

Tube trips and rentals are offered at many lakes and rivers. Popular tubing destinations include the Current River and Jacks Fork in the Missouri Ozarks; the Delaware River in Hunterdon and Bucks County, New Jersey; and the Guadalupe River in central Texas.


Tubing may be restricted or prohibited in certain lakes and rivers. Before beginning any tubing activity in public waters consult local laws and regulations.

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